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Skinny Lab Water Bomb Collagen 12mlx14 sticks 韩国进口胶原蛋白红石榴精华饮 14包


1) Water Bomb Collagen
2) 1box = 14sticks
3) Liquid Type
4) Collagen is made by fish.
5) Pomegranate taste (960mg pomegranate extract)
6) No sugar
7) Contains Vitamin C, Collagen, pomegranate extract

How to eat
Eat 1sticks/day (No need water or if you prefer eat with water also can)

Skinny Lab Water Bomb Collagen is :
✔ Easy and convenient to consume, one sachet a day.
✔ Easy and convenient to carry around wherever you go.

Perfect for:
✔ People who are always on the go
✔ People who find taking supplements a chore
✔ People who are always travelling around and need to take their supplement with them
✔ People looking tominimize pore appearance, appearance of laugh lines,dry and dull skin, weak nails, dry hair and split ends
✔ People who arein air-conditioned environments for long duration

Helps to :
✔ Improve Digestion
✔ Promote Skin Health
✔Support Hormone Imbalance
✔Lubricate Joints
✔Regulate body matabolism

Super Pre Probiotics (益生菌)2gx30sticks for 1month

RM28.88 RM72.00

Description 🔎
✔️ SuperPre Probiotics
✔️ Original flavour, no added flavour or sweetener
✔️ 30 single serve packets
✔️ 1box = 2gx30sticks (For 1month)
✔️ 1stick = 5,000,000,000cfu (100,000,000cfu guarantee live to bowel)
✔️ Prebiotics + Probiotics
✔️ Eat possible for Pregnant, Children
✔️ Latest product(Expiry date is over Oct 2020)
✔️ Pregnant and children can consume
– 1~4years : 1/2stick
– 5years~ : 1stick

Benefits 👍:
✅10 Billion Active Probiotics
✅Benefits the immune system
✅Promotes food digestion and assist nutrient absorption


韩国进口 SuperPre 益生菌





✔️葡萄口味 🍇

✔️ 孕妇,成人和小孩都能食用

– 1~4岁 : 每天1/2包 – 5岁或以上(含孕妇及成人) :


每天1包 好处👍





食用方法 😋:

1. 一天一包,不需要喝水均可 (但如果要与水一起服用也可以)

2. 早餐前空腹服用最好 什么时间食用益生菌最好? 🕐 ❓ 在胃酸分泌最少的时候食用益生菌,可以减少胃酸对益生菌活性的影响。因此,建议在每天早上空腹及晚饭前各吃一次。(一天建议服用1-2次均可)

[1004 LABORATORY] Atobos Enriched Sunscreen 50ml

RM48.00 RM78.00


⭕ 5 Ultra-hydrating vitamin vegetable oils
⭕ Physical UV blocking ingredients
⭕ Tested for skin irritation
⭕ Contains EU-Certified organic ingredients
⭕ Non-sticky texture to protect skin from fine dust
⭕ 9 natural fermented extracts
⭕ Centella Asiatica contained in all products

[1004 LABORATORY] Wash Off Centella Mask Pack 80ml

RM68.00 RM115.00

Highly recommend:

✔ Your make up does not apply despite delicate basic skin care
✔ You are concerned about stuck and loose pores
✔ You want to refresh your skin with cool feeling
✔ You need calming and soothing skin care

[CELDERMA] Ninetalks Hydrogel Mask+ Fitting Gel Mask + Eye Patch SET


For Ninetalks Hydrogel Mask is the functional mask that concentrates skin moisturization and elasticity. It contains 9 kinds of peptides and moisture patent Fructan, which fills moisture and nourishment. Adenosine, which is a wrinkle functional ingredient, focuses on wrinkles at the same time.

Ninetalks Fitting Gel Mask have Nine kinds of peptides and bee venom ingredients provide nourishment to rough and rough skin. Protects under eyes, nose, and eyes that are easy to be exposed to external environment. Of course, it gives comfort.

Ninetalks Fitting Gel Eye Patch is the shape of the boomerang is in close contact from the front of the eye to the temple intensive care for the eyes around the eyes.

[Cell Fusion C] Tre.AC Clear Sunscreen 100 50ml


🏷Cell Fusion C Tre.AC Clear Sunscreen 100
SPF48 / PA+++

Recommend for:
✔ Oily skin✔ Problematic skin

✔Extremely spreadable ✔NO sticky ✔Light texture ✔Extremely mild and gentle

📍Skin Improvement Solution :
It not only protects skin from sunlight but also allows to cover skin trouble naturally.

[CENTELLIAN 24] Madeca Cream Hydra 3x Formula 15ml / 50ml


Highly recommend for who have those problem below:

• Lowered skin elasticity
• Loss of skin moisture
• Wrinkles
• Dark complexion
• Dead skin cells

[CENTELLIAN 24] Madeca Cream Uv Formula Spf50/Pa++ 50ml



✔ Calms the skin
✔ Strengthens the barrier function
✔ Protects skin from ultraviolet rays
✔ Helping to preserve vital and healthy skin

[COSRX] Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser / Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser 150ml

RM29.38 RM45.00

Volume 150ml

✅Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser (Morning wash) 🌝
– suggested for normal skin

A super gentle cleanser that’s great for your morning wash, this low pH formula gel cleanser doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils and contains purifying botanical ingredients and mild acids to gently cleanse your skin to its most supple and clear texture. It’s also formulated to remove makeup and other oil-based residue with a skin-happy pH of 5!

✅Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser (Night deep cleansing wash)🌚
– suggested for oily skin
Are you looking for the perfect cleanser for trouble skin ? Do you want to cleanse out your pores without causing any further breakouts ? Here’s the great solution for you. Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser from COSRX can exfoliate the dead skin cells while reducing blackheads and whiteheads that can cause the skin trouble. Creamy cleansing foam also effectively removes any makeup residues on your skin. *

[Dermatory] Hypo Moisturising Cream 60 Pads

RM78.88 RM128.00


⭕️ Soothe dry
⭕️ Rough skin
⭕️ Promoting a dewy
⭕️ Healthy-looking complexion

1. When skin is dry and feels tight
✔ Concentrated moisturising pack
2. Quick skin care for busy mornings
✔ All in one mister charge
3. Dry areas of the body like rough elbows
✔ Elbow care
4. For moisturising while travelling
✔ Essential for your makeup pouch

[DEWYTREE] Oilless Deep Mask Set


📌Helps to exfoliate
📌Moisture for oily skin
📌Improves absorptive power of mask essence

📌Helps to exfoliate
📌Improves absorptive power of mask essence
📌Peppermint that presents cleaning effect for an irritated skin with spots.

[DEWYTREE] Urban Shade Anti-Pollution Sun Set (Sunblock+Cleanser)


🛒DEWYTREE URBAN SHADE ANTI-POLLUTION SUN is the product that has passed ✔the human body🚶‍♂️ test and proven to be able to withstand the dust of fine dust and protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.

⚠️ Not only that, the skin can also be protected from the dangers of blue light from smart phones📱, it contains SPF50 + PA ++++ (50ml).

🛒DEWYTREE NATURE SOURCE PULLING CLEANSING WATER is for an effective face cleansing💆‍♀️, instead of using water. It’s mild acidic cleansing water that deeply removes waterproof makeup, dirt and oil while leaving skin moisturize.

🔥It is enriched with sea water, extracts of grapefruit and oils of lavender so it is suitable for sensitive skin. Furthermore, it helps maintain skin’s natural moisture💦 barrier, refreshes and tones to leaves your skin pelt looking brighter and clearer.