(Combo Set) Super Pre Probiotics (益生菌) (2gx30sticks) & Halal Superpre Low Molecular Fish Collagen (2gx30sticks)

(Combo Set) Super Pre Probiotics (益生菌) (2gx30sticks) & Halal Superpre Low Molecular Fish Collagen (2gx30sticks)


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Super Pre Probiotics (益生菌) 2gx30sticks
Description 🔎
✔️ 1stick = 5,000,000,000 cfu (1,000,000,000 cfu guarantee live to bowel)
✔️ 17 types of premium lactobacillus
✔️ Prebiotics + Probiotics
✔️ Pregnant woman and children can consume
– Age 1~4 : Consume 1/2 pack per day
– Age 5 & above (including adults and pregnant woman) : Consume 1 pack per day

Benefits 👍:
✅Benefits the immune system
✅Promotes food digestion and assist nutrient absorption

🎯Serving Direction: ❓
1) 1stick/day, no need water (But if customer want to consume with water, it’s OK)
2) Eat before breakfast with empty stomach is the best

(HALAL) Super Low Molecular Fish Collagen
– 50% low molecular fish collagen
– 1000mg fish collagen
– 19 types of premium lactobacillus
– Multivitamin (vitamin B6, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D3, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin A, Vitamin D)
– Multi-minerals (calcium, zinc, magnesium, folic acid, iron)

Intake Age:
– 20 years old & above
– Pregnant women can consume

– Manage Internal and External Beauty
– Improve Digestive System
– Improve Skin Condition
– Strengthen the Joint and Muscle
– Strengthen the Nails
– Diabetes Prevention
– Bone Nutrition
– Multivitamin

Serving Direction:
1. 1 sachet/day (can consume with or without water)
2. Eat before breakfast with an empty stomach is the best

🇰🇷Imported from Korea

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Super Pre Probiotics, Super Pre Low Molecular Firsh Collagen