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[1004 LABORATORY] Atobos Enriched Sunscreen 50ml

RM48.00 RM78.00


⭕ 5 Ultra-hydrating vitamin vegetable oils
⭕ Physical UV blocking ingredients
⭕ Tested for skin irritation
⭕ Contains EU-Certified organic ingredients
⭕ Non-sticky texture to protect skin from fine dust
⭕ 9 natural fermented extracts
⭕ Centella Asiatica contained in all products

[1004 LABORATORY] Wash Off Centella Mask Pack 80ml

RM68.00 RM115.00

Highly recommend:

✔ Your make up does not apply despite delicate basic skin care
✔ You are concerned about stuck and loose pores
✔ You want to refresh your skin with cool feeling
✔ You need calming and soothing skin care

[CELDERMA] Ninetalks Hydrogel Mask+ Fitting Gel Mask + Eye Patch SET


For Ninetalks Hydrogel Mask is the functional mask that concentrates skin moisturization and elasticity. It contains 9 kinds of peptides and moisture patent Fructan, which fills moisture and nourishment. Adenosine, which is a wrinkle functional ingredient, focuses on wrinkles at the same time.

Ninetalks Fitting Gel Mask have Nine kinds of peptides and bee venom ingredients provide nourishment to rough and rough skin. Protects under eyes, nose, and eyes that are easy to be exposed to external environment. Of course, it gives comfort.

Ninetalks Fitting Gel Eye Patch is the shape of the boomerang is in close contact from the front of the eye to the temple intensive care for the eyes around the eyes.

[Cell Fusion C] Tre.AC Clear Sunscreen 100 50ml


🏷Cell Fusion C Tre.AC Clear Sunscreen 100
SPF48 / PA+++

Recommend for:
✔ Oily skin✔ Problematic skin

✔Extremely spreadable ✔NO sticky ✔Light texture ✔Extremely mild and gentle

📍Skin Improvement Solution :
It not only protects skin from sunlight but also allows to cover skin trouble naturally.

[CENTELLIAN 24] Madeca Cream Hydra 3x Formula 15ml / 50ml


Highly recommend for who have those problem below:

• Lowered skin elasticity
• Loss of skin moisture
• Wrinkles
• Dark complexion
• Dead skin cells

[CENTELLIAN 24] Madeca Cream Uv Formula Spf50/Pa++ 50ml



✔ Calms the skin
✔ Strengthens the barrier function
✔ Protects skin from ultraviolet rays
✔ Helping to preserve vital and healthy skin

[DEWYTREE] Oilless Deep Mask Set


📌Helps to exfoliate
📌Moisture for oily skin
📌Improves absorptive power of mask essence

📌Helps to exfoliate
📌Improves absorptive power of mask essence
📌Peppermint that presents cleaning effect for an irritated skin with spots.

[DEWYTREE] Urban Shade Anti-Pollution Sun Set (Sunblock+Cleanser)


🛒DEWYTREE URBAN SHADE ANTI-POLLUTION SUN is the product that has passed ✔the human body🚶‍♂️ test and proven to be able to withstand the dust of fine dust and protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.

⚠️ Not only that, the skin can also be protected from the dangers of blue light from smart phones📱, it contains SPF50 + PA ++++ (50ml).

🛒DEWYTREE NATURE SOURCE PULLING CLEANSING WATER is for an effective face cleansing💆‍♀️, instead of using water. It’s mild acidic cleansing water that deeply removes waterproof makeup, dirt and oil while leaving skin moisturize.

🔥It is enriched with sea water, extracts of grapefruit and oils of lavender so it is suitable for sensitive skin. Furthermore, it helps maintain skin’s natural moisture💦 barrier, refreshes and tones to leaves your skin pelt looking brighter and clearer.

[ILLIYOON] Hyaluronic Moisture Cream 100ml



✔ Make your skin moist and brightening
✔ Increasing the moisture density of your skin
✔ Hydrating our skin with a light and fresh texture
✔ Highly enriched in Hyaluronic to keep your skin hydrated all day
✔ Combine with moisture content which is 1000 times heavier than its own weight, moisturise our skin

[JAYJUN] Pink Touch Mask Pack 10pcs

RM29.88 RM69.00

Pink Touch Mask (10pcs)

[LANEIGE] Water Sleeping Mask 70ml

RM72.88 RM189.00


Step 1👉 After washing the face at night, apply toner and emulsion right before going to bed.
Step 2👉 Dispense an appropriate amount (2.5cm in diameter) and apply on the tip of the nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin in dots; breathe in the scent for 3 seconds.
Step 3👉 Spread gently along the texture of your face using outward strokes.
Step 4👉 After the product is absorbed into skin, leave it on overnight without washing the face. (Wash the face the next morning.)

[MEDICUBE] Triple Collage Set



✔ Water-type essence
✔ Helps to whiten skin
✔ Keeps it smooth and moist
✔ Improve whitening wrinkles
✔ Helps improve skin wrinkles
✔ Provides nutrients to tired skin