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[Laneige] Cica Sleeping Mask 10ml

RM12.88 RM28.00

How to Use
1. Every night apply at the last step of skin care.
2. Place appropriate amount (Diameter 2.5 cm) onto nose tip, cheeks, forehead and chin and breath in for 3 seconds.
3. Apply onto face from center to outward gently
4. After product absorbs sleep without washing off. (Rinse off the next morning.)
5. For sensitive and dry skin days, layer 2-3 times for soothing effect.

[LANEIGE] Cream Skin Refiner 15ml

RM7.88 RM25.00

1. Cream, soaked into skin!
– Using Laneige’s own Cream Blending Technology™, a whole bottle of cream got melted into the skin and became highly moisturizing skin that fills up rich moisture.

2. Reinforced skin barrier with White Leaf Tea Water
– White Leaf Tea Water rich in Amino Acid takes care of dry and sensitive skin healthily.

3. Highly moisturizing skin with mild ingredients
– Mild but necessary hydrating ingredients make even the sensitive skin due to dryness healthy and lively.

How to use:
1. At both morning and night skincare step, take an appropriate amount onto the hands and apply on the face by gently patting.

[Laneige] Water Bank Hydro Kit Set (3 Items)

RM11.88 RM30.00

1. Water Bank Hydro Essence 10ml
2. Gel Cream 10ml
3. Eye Gel EX 3ml

– Water Bank Hydro Essence: Green mineral water extracted from vegetable including kale and beetrootmoisturises and brightens skin.

– Water Bank Gel Cream: Gel-type moisturizing cream that lowers skin temperature as soon as it touches skin while supplying ample moisture. Polysaccharides extracted from cypress trees that grow in cold climates keep skin soft while the gel cream reacts to excess sebum to keep skin shine-free.

– Water Bank Eye Gel EX: Eye gel containing natural bilberry extracts that alleviate stress in skin around the eyes and provide moisturizing effects that can last up to 24 hours.

[LANEIGE] Water Sleeping Mask 70ml

RM72.88 RM189.00


Step 1👉 After washing the face at night, apply toner and emulsion right before going to bed.
Step 2👉 Dispense an appropriate amount (2.5cm in diameter) and apply on the tip of the nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin in dots; breathe in the scent for 3 seconds.
Step 3👉 Spread gently along the texture of your face using outward strokes.
Step 4👉 After the product is absorbed into skin, leave it on overnight without washing the face. (Wash the face the next morning.)