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[DERMACENTRIC] 24 Alopecia Relief Shampoo and Hair Serum Set (Hair Scalp & Moisture)

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[DERMACENTRIC] 24 Alopecia Relief Shampoo and Hair Serum Set (Hair Scalp & Moisture)

1. 24 Alopecia Relief Shampoo 400ml
2. 24 Alopecia Relief Serum 100ml
3. Full set (2 items)

🔆Premium Hair Care 🔆
✅Main Ingredients: Peat Water from Denmark
✅Low pH level 4.5 (similar to human skin)
✅Hair Loss Treatment
✅Skin Tested completed , No irritation
✅No harmful ingredients
✅108 ingredients to alleviate hair loss
✅Anyone can use, from children to pregnancy

Denmark, a clean area, the peat water found in nature.
Plant organisms such as moss and reeds have been deposited for thousands of years.
Soil water is excellent in sedimentation and scalp purification.
It keeps the scalp and hair healthy.

✔️Hair Shampoo

“24 hours moisture system” wth pentavitin & PEPG-8 Complex”

– No need to use conditioner ! Shampoo is enough for moisture and hair scalp for oily hair.

✔️Hair Serum

Thickening & Volumizing – Anti Hair Loss

How To Use?
Step1: Use shampoo daily
Step2: Apply hair serum to top and bottom of your hair.
Step3: Say BYE to oily & spoiled hair!


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[DERMACENTRIC] Black Repair Hair Boosting Tonic 100ml (Anti-Grey Hair & Anti-Hair Loss)

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[DERMACENTRIC] Black Repair Hair Boosting Tonic 100ml

🔆Premium Hair Tonic 🔆
✅ White hair care
✅ Hair loss care
✅ Soothing scalp
✅ Nutrition supply

Premium daily functional hair booster of vegan formula that provides nutrition to the scalp hair with palmitoyl tetrapeptide-20 and anti-hair loss functional ingredients to restore the original hair color and prevent hair loss

How To Use?
Step 1: Every day, shake the product lightly
Step 2: Apply an appropriate amount evenly to the scalp
Step 3: Massage it with fingers to be sufficiently absorbed
Step 4: You can spray wet hair or dry hair
Step 5: Say Goodbye to white/grey hair and hair loss!

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[Derma Centric] Derma Peptide Multi-Effect Set | Multifunctional Premium Set, Skin Barrier, Whitening, Pore Tightening

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Derma Centric used 100% natural ingredients (EWG Green Grade) has been registered as Eve Vegan in France has been tested for low skin irritation, which was approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and clinical used.

Suitable for: All Skin-Type

Product Description:
[Derma Centric] Hydra Balancing Rose Water 150ml
– A clear, water-type texture, non-sticky, absorbs quickly into the skin.
– Improving the skin’s natural strength by influencing the skin barrier.
– Contains a high content of natural moisturizing factor (NMF).
– Help improve moisture retention and reduce moisture evaporation.

– Strengthen the skin barrier.
– Enhance the natural strength of the skin.
– Remove excess sebum and maintain freshness without feeling dry.
– Moisturizing the skin for 24 hours and prevent escape.
– Contains antioxidants to protect against external stimuli.
– Helps with skin cleansing and trouble care.

[Derma Centric] Peptide Multi-Effect Ampoule Pad 70sheets/185ml
– 6 bottle ampoule in toner pad.
– Smooth surface without skin irritation.
– Superior moisture retention with large amounts of ampoules.
– Provides skin elasticity, pore care, soothing and moisturizing effects.
– Dual functionality with whitening and wrinkle improvement.

– Multi-care system with pore-care, skin elasticity, skin texture, and moisturize at once!
– Create moisturizing power and smooth skin texture.
– Moisture balance ampoule.
– Improve skin elasticity.
– Create moisturizing power and smooth skin texture.

[Derma Centric] Derma Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Ampoule 30ml
– Non-sticky and quickly absorbed by the skin.
– High viscosity liquid formulation.
– Soft red is the natural colour for vitamin B12.
– Contain SYN-HYCAN to make the skin elastic and firm.
– Water gel concentrated moisture.

– Rich nutrition based on skin trouble.
– Help supply bright and shiny skin with care.
– Care for skin from various fine dust and pollution.
– Help create elastic and smoothen skin.
– Protect skin from various harmful environments.

[Derma Centric] Derma Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Emulsion 120ml
– 8-Peptide Complex improve skin wrinkles, moisturizing improvement and help skin elasticity.
– One emulsion fills moisture and nutrition and balances the skin.
– Silky finish without stickiness.
– Restore vitality to tired skin.
– Fresh finishing when using emulsion.

– Fast and accurate moisture delivery creates moist skin.
– Helps soothe skin quickly.
– Skin elasticity and wrinkle improvement.
– Skin whitening.
– Moisturizing filling emulsion with quick absorption.
– Strengthening the collapsed skin barrier.

Step 1: Take an appropriate amount of toner on a cotton swab, wipe it off along.
or gently wipe the entire face with an ampoule pad.
Step 2: Then, apply the ampoule appropriately, until it’s fully absorbed.
Step 3: Lastly, apply the emulsion until it’s fully absorbed.

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